Saturday, October 18, 2008

:: Day 125 - Summary ::

Activities: Saratoga Farmer's Market with Mikee. We decided to give the organic pasture fed chicken a try, per Tracy's recommendation. It wasn't cheap but what do you expect. We got a 5.2lb chicken for $20 and paid an extra $3 for feet. Mikee's rosemary BBQ chicken is amazing so we've decided to use the chicken for that. And i'll save the bones + feet for more stock. These chickens get to run around, get sunshine and hang out with bugs. How more natural can it get? :P Oh and here's a pic of all the produce we got - cant wait to consume it all!

: 1 apple, random sampling of stuff at farmer's market

@ Tai Wu with Mother-In-Law

Main meal @ home

A small bowl of leftover chinese food, a bowl of vege soup, 1/4 coldstone icecream


Tracy Reifkind said...


I forgot to tell you, I bought some apple mustard, nice for a vinaigrette, the spinach looked fabulouso, and the orange carrots, next to the yellow carrots at the same vendor, are "the bomb" I forgot which variety they are, but they're recognizable because they're super fat and ugly, lol! But super sweet, tender, and yum-muy!

I was lucky enough to score some fresh eggs from Paul's chickens too! (that's hush, hush, though)

PS I see the orange cauliflower got you....the purple snagged me, I bought 2 heads!

Jo said...

oooh thanks for the tips. I think we're gonna rotate between SV and saratoga farmers market. SV has mikee's favorite bakery and also the H&H fresh fish store where if you call in advance, they can bring fish heads for you! (again for stock) But i really like the chicken vendor you recommended at saratoga! And I want in on those eggs!