Wednesday, October 15, 2008

:: sad poop ::

So if you recall one of my posts from last weeks... I've been eating real bad for a few days... chocolate, cookies, cake... you name it. All the "C"s. And yesterday at lunch I sampled some indian food (yum but lots of heavy cream, another "C") and also had birthday cake.

My poop has not been happy. I get tummy aches randomly through the day - I sit at the toilet and feel constipated. A feeling I haven't had in awhile. My body is not liking the onslaught of the "C"s and I keep apologizing but doing jack about it. Well this morning was the final straw - I went out for a run and the whole time I felt like I was having diarrhea when in fact, I wasn't. I hate feeling like this. i really really need to eat clean again and get rid of the Cs and random GMOs in my system. Talk is cheap - now I have to do.


mikee said...

go bo go. clean eating is yummylicious. super soup this morning. delicioso!

Jo said...

it would help if you got rid of all the "C"s in our household, boba!