Monday, October 27, 2008

:: Day 134 - Summary ::

YES - Finally broke the 164 barrier. Which also means, Heidi Swanson's Recipes arent getting me fat! Even though I ate cookies and brownies!!! LOL

Coughed up alot of phlegm this morning and a sudden idea came to me. Is it possible that Running could help clear the airways? Going for a short run to see how it feels! - I was right, lungs felt great, strong and clear during the run.
1.77 mi, 18:40, 227 cal burnt, HRa 167 HRm 178, very strong 11 min mile! NICE!

8am: ABC Juice blended with a persimmon. I loved the creamy texture the persimmon imparted to the drink. Too bad they are only in season for so short.

12pm: Spicy Cauliflower Soup with dallop of yogurt

Main meal @ home
2 chicken salad lettuce cup, 2 bowls of leek persimmon soup, 3 small pieces of bread, 1 black bean brownie

I knicked my finger while chopping veges so I couldnt prepare the rest of what I desired.


sctemplar3 said...

yay! 163! btw, i'm now down 19.6

Jo said...

ohmigosh this is crazy talk! We need to celebrate big time :)