Wednesday, October 29, 2008

:: Day 136 - Summary! :) ::

Yay - Mikee will be back from his work trip today! I woke up bright and early to clean the house and make some yummy delicious food for his return. I made asparagus soup (hint of lemon), Mark Bittman's Autumn Quinoa Bake and fresh Healthy Yummy Cookies for him to munch on. I can't wait!!! [update] It's out of the oven and I took a sneak taste of it just to make sure its edible for the husband you know, ohmigosh, it's DELICIOUS!!! So hearty!

7am: Small Bbowl of fresh asparagus soup
12pm: Another bowl of fresh asparagus soup!

Main meal @ home
Autumn Quinoa Bake, Herb (thyme and sage) crusted chicken tenders

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