Monday, January 19, 2009

:: Challenge 2009 ::

Each year, we usually make a big trip somewhere. This year, we're visiting Peru and Chile for some pretty crazy adventure treks.

We're starting off in Patagonia, Chile visiting Torres Del Paine National Park where we will hike the "W" circuit. Look at how beautiful it is! If we're lucky with weather, we might actually see it!

When we're done with that, we'll spend another week in Chile for some downtime along the coast and the deserts before heading on to Peru.

In Peru, our main goal is to hike the 4-day inca trail to the Machu Picchu ruins. Again another challenge as it's been likened to half dome x 2. I am SO EXCITED!


Iris said...

On my vacations I just want to sit and relax. Your vacation sounds like WORK to me. lol

Jo said...

I'm not very good at sitting still... the most I can do by the beach is 2 hours.

Now I know we probably won't make very good travel buddies! lol

2.. said...

Jo, wow you're going too!! I'm planning on doing Peru in June...when will you be going?? Do you wanna train on mission peak together?

Jo said...

Yes! :) Let's train for MP together! I plan to do it at least every other week and the best times for me are sunday 11ish or saturday. What times do you usually go?

2.. said...
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