Thursday, February 5, 2009

:: Day 33 - 2/5/09 Summary ::

I've been playing the weight game for a while. Yoyo-ing between 160 and the 164 range. Well, it finally happened this morning. Ladies & Gentleman, ding ding ding, jo is weighing in at 159.2 lbs! I know it's just a number but at least I know I can officially get past this hump! Warrior diet and exercising continues to work for me!

Activities:Nothing. Tummy's been feeling queasy all day. I guess the gumbo yesterday just did it in huh?

Usual juice blend

Random snacks at work: 1/3 banana, carrots, lettuce, slice of gouda cheese, seeds, nuts

Main meal @ small group

Bowl of homemade chicken oats, mainly due to the diarrhea


Adam & Susan said...

Great job, Jo! keep it up!

Kim said...

WOW!! Congratulations!! I need to break through a similar barrier. Maybe I should take a closer look at this Warrior diet.... :)

Jo said...

Susan, I've missed you!!! how is everything going?? I know you're wondering what's going on with the bells. I am trying to keep up a solid run based of 15-20 mi each week just in case i decide to run a marathon this year. :)

Jo said...

Kim, definitely try it out. The warrior diet preaches pretty much the same thing as alot of the other guys on what to eat (natural stuff). Only difference being time of day etc.

2.. said...

Congrats Jo!!!! It's really inspiring to see that you have been motivated for more than a year. Hopefully I can follow your example.

Jo said...

2, I don't see how you could ever look back again! You sound like someone who's totally on the right track. :)

2, I want you to meet Anna, who just started on her journey! Hoorah for Anna!