Monday, February 9, 2009

:: Day 37 - 2/9/09 Summary ::

Activities: Not much. Have a full day of work + a group dinner tonight.

Breakfast: Feeling a little bit constipated today so hubbie made a super-fiber-rich morning blend! It was good! I feel some movement!

Rest of day:
1 carrot, 1/5 english cucumber, almonds, sunflower seeds

Dumpling night at Bruce's
I'm making a healthier version of Ming Tsai's Potsticker Recipe. Will likely cut the butter by alot and use a blend of turkey and pork instead. Will also include some Napa in the filling for some fiber. I do like the dipper recipe though!

And my dessert idea, dumplings filled with nutella and strawberries pan fried in butter


Anna's Journey to get Fit! said...

MMM...I love nutella! ...but very interesting combo. How did they turn out with the skin and all?

Jo said...

Turned out great although I would have liked to fill it with mashed banana with ricotta for more shape!