Tuesday, February 10, 2009

:: Day 38 - 2/10/09 Summary ::

Activities: Nothing... We're going up to the city today right after work to watch a play that Mikee's coworker is acting in.
But the good news is that Hao is bringing bootcamp back! In winter too! For those in the south bay, join me if you can!!!

Breakfast blend
: The usual ...

Snacks for the day: Dried fruit, seeds, nuts, carrots, cucumber

Main meal @ Ti Couz
I had a ratatouille crepe, we shared a really nice salad and a nutella/banana crepe. This place is pretty awesome!

So turns out that the "play" that we were supposed to watch was really Wicked! Mikee is soooo sneaky! :P


Anonymous said...

hi this is mei xuan and your mum is asking me to do this so.my mum bought the vitamax with guarantee and your mum wants to know whats your usual blend and the blender comes with variable speed,and im like totally just typing what aunt dot tells me and yeah im so totally lost,anyway hope to see you soon.

Jo said...

Haha - ok i emailed mum but the recipes can be found here: http://www.vitamix.com/foodservice/recipes/beverage.asp

I would try to avoid any processed ingredients like milk, yogurt or ice cream. Keep it clean using veges and fruits. :)