Friday, February 13, 2009

:: Day 41 - 2/13/09 Summary ::

Activities: Doing my long 5.0 mile run today since we're hitting mission peak on Sunday. Would be good to get a rest day in.
5.0 miles treadmill, 56 mins, HRa, HRm,

9am: Didn't get a chance to make the blend since i needed to get in the gym by 7am. Having 1 apple and 1 banana now.

Random snacks: 1 carrot, 1 apple, random seeds and nuts

12pm: Visited Iris today and Jen brought me tofu tempura and jasmine tea!

Main meal @ home
Orange pan-glazed tofu on 4-grain brown rice


Speed 10 said...

awww you replaced the TEMPE!! tempeh is SOO good

Jo said...

Tempe is more expensive! LOL. But i just prefer tofu. Nothing against tempe. :)