Monday, August 11, 2008

:: Day 57 - Summary ::

I stepped on the scale with _much_ fear this morning. The dinners the past 4 nights have been too good, especially the one at ritz carlton. Sigh despite being good about undereating during the day + exercising, I gained like 3 lbs. I am so screwed. I dont think I've ever _GAINED_ this much during the challenge at all. But hey, one more week left in the sprint... Some things I am determined to do differently just to try and shock my body:
- Eat VERY clean and sparing all carbs and dessert, even at Toronto this weekend (One bite of Cathy's wedding cake and that's it!!!)
- Attend evening classes at 24 hour fitness to make up for bootcamp
- Focus more on cardio than on weights
- Pray for a miracle.

Activities: 1028 cal burnt
7am Max VO2 snatch protocol, 25 mins, 200 cal burnt, HRa 131 HRm 151
530pm 24lift class (this class was SO lame, total waste of my time), 45 mins, 270 cal burnt, HRa 114 HRm 148
630pm Spin class, 60 mins, 558 cal burnt, HRa 136, HRm 163

8am: ABC Juice, shared with Aylin
2 carrots, 1/2 banana, 1 beet, handful of blueberries, parsley, 1 orange, milk, ice

1 pm: bunch of carrot sticks, 1 nectarine, 10 almonds

8pm: Main meal at home
Raw vege soup (1 carrot, squash, onion, red pepper, celery, garlic, green onion, cabbage)
Blanched spinach
chicken stirfry with sweet potatoes
Steamed eggplants
A little bit of Mikee's BBQ chicken


Derek said...

the miracle has already occurred: your commitment to a lifelong of good health. i appreciate your humility and discipline in this endeavor. keeping you in prayer!

Jo said...

You know what I mean!!! I need a short term miracle :D

Anonymous said...

maybe it's 3 lbs of leg muscles from spinning and tkb. :P go jo!!!

Jo said...

eh... I WISH!!! more like 3 lbs of gluttony