Friday, August 15, 2008

:: Day 61 - Summary ::

Activities: 355 cal burnt
11pm EST: 30 mins elliptical trainer, level 13, speed avg 7.0, 355 cal burnt, HRa 148, HRm 163

4am: ABC Juice

12pm: 1 apple, handful of almonds

7pm EST:
Main meal @ Ichiban Restaurant with Ryan and Sue
Miso soup, Wakame Salad, Salmon Chirashi, 3 pieces of "sashimi pizza", 2 bites of rock melon, 1 dairy queen peanut buster parfait



aylin said...

Dude. Peanut buster parfait! (My favorite at DQ, btw). That's 700 calories via here!

Not that you don't deserve it once in a while (you're way better than me!), but you should have saved those calories for the wedding cake!

Jo said...

Great. Ok I only had 2/3 of it. argh. still bad bad... I'm totally fasting tmrw.

mikee said...

yummmm. i haven't had a PBP in years. wish i had one now...

sometimes i try to challenge myself to eat just a small amount of something and toss the rest. the attitude i take is: why should YOU (i.e Dairy Queen or Denny's or X restaurant) dictate to me how much I SHOULD eat?

1) shake my fist at the restaurant and say, "You a'int gonna own me!!!"
2) eat a few bites, savor, enjoy
3) eat a few more bites, enjoy some more
4) give myself a pep talk
5) strongly and deliberately toss the remainder of food, yelling in my mind at the restaurant, "take that!"
6) smile and say - I WIN!!!
7) funny thing is that after a few minutes, you may find you're craving to eat the rest has gone away