Saturday, August 16, 2008

:: Day 62 - Summary ::

Activities: 751 cal
9am EST: Ok I'm supposed to be doing my 6.0 mile run today - gonna do it on the treadmill instead so I can watch Olympics. And I am currently dragging my ass on it, I know... (update)
I DID IT! 72 mins, 751 cal, HRa 150 HRm 168

12pm: ABC Juice (Ryan has a magicbullet!!!)

xpm: Carrot sticks, almonds

Main Meal @ Crystal Fountains Banquet (Cathy & Sung's wedding dinner)


Derek said...

just do it! :) proud of you...i actually have been cutting back runnin this week because of that shin issue again, but good to know you are cranking along! enjoy your time and be strong during dinner tonight!

Adam & Susan said...

Jo, a piece of wisdom from one of my favorite high school teachers upon his retirement, to encourage you: "Be a finisher." you have shown us (and yourself) that you have the determination and commitment to stick with this lifestyle change for the last 8 weeks. Finish Strong in these last few days!!

Jo said...

Yes - I want to be a strong finisher! And after watching Usain Bolt win the 100m sprint - I am even more inspired! yay - i did my first 6.0 miles today - feeling pretty strong!

Derek said...

great job on the 6 miles. awesome!

aylin said...

6 miles!?! Whoa! That's great, especially right before the weigh-in, nice work!

Is that Kraft LivActive cheese? What's that all about, is it good?

Remember, save the wedding cake for post-weigh in! =)

Jo said...

the cheese was good!

so turns out there wasnt just cake... there was an entire dessert spread. Argh... i had a little bite of everything... i know i know but i couldnt resist! But i was so good with my undereating :)