Tuesday, August 12, 2008

:: Day 58 - Summary ::

In the spirit of good competition, I weighed-in for the last week. I dont think I'm going to win - progress has been slow lately. My only hope is that other people are struggling with the same hump. Good news is that I lost 3 lbs overnight - Iris was right - probably the monthly cycles just screwing with my numbers? In anycase, I will feel utmost joy for whoever wins - because they deserve it. Just will feel sorry for myself! hahaha


7am: 3.0 mile interval run (90s jog, 45s run, 15 s walk), 28 mins, 281 cal burnt, HRa 139 HRm 156
12pm: Swing volume workout + TGU + Burpees - My dad got turned upside town and I didnt manage to do this. Man, the olympics are such a distraction!!!

8am: ABC Juice Plus, shared with Mum and Aylin
3 carrots, 1 apple, 1/2 beet, 1/2 banana, 5 strawberries, parsley, swig of milk, ice

xpm: Kale Lemon salad with mung beans, radish and pine nuts, shared with Aylin

Main meal @ home
Raw vege soup, Mikee's Special BBQ chicken, boiled veges


Derek said...

ooh, mikee's special BBQ chicken? do tell, do share! :) there are a lots of reason for weight fluctuations i was thinking yesterday including what you note and the hump that comes from muscle building/repairing phases too...again, all long term in the right direction is what you're after! (and i know, i know, you still want to win! :) )

Jo said...

Anything that Mikee makes is special! teeheehee even when it was burnt yesterday! haha

Anonymous said...

yup! anything mikee makes is special! =). your ABC juice seems to change from drink to drink.

Jo said...

Yeah the ABC is the base and I add a couple more interesting things depending on what I have. I noticed I've forgotten ginger for awhile!!!

Btw, my mum LOVED the raw vege soup!!!

Adam & Susan said...

glad things are back to "normal"...keep up the great work!