Sunday, September 7, 2008

:: Day 84 - Summary ::

Weigh-in: I mentioned in a previous post that i"m not a weigh-in nazi anymore. So today I weighed in casually and was surprised to see myself at 170!!! Wow, considering how un-clean things have been (comparitively) I am still reporting progress in the weight department. Not to get complacent though, I am kind of behind schedule.

Oh and ant problems still remain...

Activities: 8-mile run as part of 1/2 marathon training. Gulp. Technically we never even really ran the 7. sigh...
WE DID IT!!! 1 h 58 mins, 1252 cal, HRa 155 HRm 173
Mikee was pretty exhausted from his day of KB + his 11pm ice hockey game so I have to give him map props for being such a trooper and holding a steady pace under the hot son!

Other activities: I brought my "squeaky" running shoes back to the store and they replaced my superfeet. Hopefully the squeakiness will stop.
Mikee also got fitted for brand new running shoes - turns out he's been running in neutral shoes when he needs stability! We're both so thrilled we ended up with NewBalance shoes.

1/2 cup of odwalla b-monster
1pm: Lunch at tai-wu with our Singaporean friends, Janelyn, KM and baby Kaela
6pm: Dinner #1 at the Benelis - 1/2 burrito + super nachos
8pm: Dinner #2 at Mother-in-Law's - bite size of homecooked chinese food, bite-size cake and ice cream

I FEEL SO SICK. I am never eating again. (Exagerating of course)


Take One Stripper Pole said...

Congratulations! You are halfway there!

Jo said...

thanks!!! slow and easy wins the race!

Hao said...

Yay, Jo! Keep at it, girl.

Also, if your insoles continue to squeak, try some baby powder in your shoe, then superfeet on top. That's worked for me in the past (once in a while I have to repeat cause the squeak sometimes comes back).

Jo said...

thanks hao!!! will def try that if the squeaks come back. it's hecka annoying!

Derek said...

awesome job on all counts. i saw bot of you running yesterday on the way to church. you guys looked great!

Jo said...

looks like everyone in the hood saw us running yesterday! haha - it was a tough but good run!