Thursday, September 11, 2008

:: Day 88 - Summary ::

Activities: None - decided to rest up for the 10k run tmrw. I am doing the Palo Alto Moonlight Run! First race ever!

8am: ABC Juice
instead of regular bananas, i used 1/3 frozen banana and ohmigosh, it was delish!! I'm using frozen bananas from now on. Also, frozen banana tastes just like ice cream!!! without the guilt or calories!

12pm: Chicken broth + yogurt/granola

Main meal @ Pizza Chicago

Mikee's friend, Prashanth, is visiting from India and he is totally craving Deepdish Pizza. I couldnt turn down his request - or didnt have the heart to. So we went, and I ate responsibly - had a salad + 3/4 slice of deepdish.


aylin said...
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aylin said... frozen fruits/veggies still have as many nutrients? My Magic Bullet comes tomorrow!

aylin said...

So, for lunch you just had chicken broth? Like...straight up? With no vegetables or anything in it? Was it homemade? Is that still considered okay for the under-eating/detox phase?

Jo said...

its not like there are much nutrients in a banana anyway... maybe a good amount of potassium? I would think twice about doing it to a carrot or beet but i'm fine with subjecting the banana to freezing :)

Jo said...

having chicken broth + granola/yogurt is totally against the warrior diet. But u know, I try my best :) I definitely keep breakfasts as clean as possible but i think one of the biggest things the warrior diet has taught me is - i really dont need as much food as i originally thought i did!

PLUS dinners are way more fun now!!!