Sunday, September 7, 2008

:: Day 83 - Summary ::

Activities: Not much except 9-2pm Team Rif Kettebell Workshop. Will blog more about this later!

Pictured here with Mark & Tracy... ** giddy ***

5am: Power ABC Juice (Included 1/2 banana + flaxseed meal) - shared with Mikee and Aylin

9am: 1/2 blueberry granola bar + bunch of nuts

12pm: 1/2 turkey wrap, bite of granola bar + bunch of nuts

3pm: blueberry granola bar + bunch of nuts

Main meal @ Sumika Grill + Carbo loading
We shared tapas-sized plates with Mikee's family: there was chicken karage, chicken skewers, beef skewers, tofu, shrimp cake, toasted rice, etc etc I also loaded up on rice since I knew I would be running 8 miles tomorrow.


Take One Stripper Pole said...

Aren't Mark and Tracy the nicest folks ever! Can't wait to hear details. The food looks super yummy too ... yaki onigiri ... oh I miss that!

Jo said...

you are right - they are both incredible people! Oh yeah, you spent some time in Japan right? Mikee is going to tokyo again in october - i am so jealous!!