Saturday, November 22, 2008

:: Day 161 - Summary ::

I'm kinda bummed that Tracy has locked access to her fitness blog. Now I wished I paid more attention to her workouts that she blogged about. Sometimes you take things for granted... and then they're gone. On the flip side, she did post a little about a recent workout. I'm gonna copy! Hopefully my skin doesn't get ripped off!

7am KB, 4 1/2 minute swing combination w/12kg, 33 mins, 383 cal burnt, HRa 162 HRm 176. Wow the 12kg really challenges my grip, my hands are totally shaking right now.... but dang, it feels good.

10 transfers, 10 2 hand swing repeat (40 reps)
15 transfers, 15 2 hand swings, repeat (60 reps)
20 transfers, 20 2 hand swings (80 reps)
1 minute rest x 6 rotations
Total 32 minutes, 1080 swings

8am: Classic ABC (apple, beet, carrot) blend

12pm: Tracy's Live trail mix if needed.
Vibrant green beans wrap

Main meal @ home with the Marquez
Pepita Salad (Heidi Swanson)

Winter Veges Gratin (Peter Berley)
Golden Crusted Brussels Sprouts (Heidi Swanson)

Sweet Potato Puree with Apples (Martha Rose Shulman)

Firecracker Cornbread (Heidi Swanson)


Take One Stripper Pole said...

Hi! Tracy's blog can still be read if she allows access. Maybe if you just dropped her an email she would send you an invite. :) Sounds like you are making lots of yummy food lately.

Tracy Reifkind said...


I notice when you use someone's recipe (or recipe idea), you give credit in parenthesis....but the "live trail mix"....hmmnn...

I'm such a whiner.....

Jo said...

You're not a whiner! Thanks for keeping me honest. :) I "copy" from you so often in so many different areas I really need to keep better track!