Thursday, January 29, 2009

:: Day 26 - 01/29/09 - Summary ::

Activities: I really want to run but today is packed....

Morning blend:
Usual + persimmon. I'm serious but this is my very last persimmon. So sad.... It's been a good run, my friend!

Snacks for the day:
2 lunchbox size fuji apples, bunch of nuts, seeds, fruit

2pm: We had two birthdays at work today. Had a sampling of some cakes from satura cakes. Argh, I feel sick now. Seriously. My resolve is weak... I know the exact outcome, but I do it anyways because the flesh(tongue) is weak... Just for that momentary pleasure.

Main meal @ small group

Salad, cucumber, small portion of Mushroom Brown Rice Casserole + some of Effie's delightful Monkey Cake!!!

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