Tuesday, January 27, 2009

:: dirty girl ::

So... I've kinda stopped cleansing my face. I've noticed in the past 6 months that my skin has improved alot. No more breakouts or white heads. My face looks resilient and feels supple and smooth. I rarely feel the need to use any facial products. Except when I use makeup, again rare. I've also weaned off SPF because I'm rarely in the sun anyways. Plus I'm one of those people that just don't burn.

I kinda want to see a dermatologist just to make sure the skin is A-OK. It can't be bad that I'm feeding my skin from the inside out with goodies right? I'm also wary that the dermatologist is just going to sell me more on products that I don't need.


Hazel said...

that's like the best unexpected benefit for a girl! that's enough of a motivation to eat well. :D

Iris said...

I wash my face during my showers. I have a pump of Cetaphil, it's very gentle. I recommend it!

Jo said...

that's probably what i need. something lightweight and gentle.