Friday, January 30, 2009

:: eat organic, live organic ::

It's so expensive... to do the right thing. After reading the book "never be sick again" I've been convinced that in order to not fall sick, I need to not only eat non-toxins but also live in an environment toxins. Considering we spend 1/3s of our lives on our beds, I really feel we need an organic mattress. The regular mattress is just coated with too much crap. After doing research I've realized that we cannot afford it yet. It sucks.

One of my favorite clothing brands is Nau. They make high performance clothing made out of recycled material or organic cotton. Very very cutting edge stuff. On top of that, their design is just impeccable. But because their prices are high, I've only been able to afford one clearance item in the past. But... came across this coupon yesterday thanks to my friend Susie. I must share with you: 40% off-the-grid coupon (including sale items) that will expire tmrw. Good luck! Coupon code: OTGSPECIAL

Even after the 40% discount, I still could not bear to drop $100++ on this jacket, Urbane, that i've been eyeing since the birth of Nau.

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