Monday, March 23, 2009

:: Day 79- 3/23/09 - Summary ::

My credit card was charged for $125. This means I most likely got into the Nike Womens Marathon in October. First thought was.... "crap". Second thought was... still, "crap". Herein begins the summer of no life.

Activities: 1036 cal
6am bootcamp ladder workout, 47 mins, 495 cal, HRa 149 HRm 176
5pm 4.0 mile run, 43 mins, 541 cal, HRa 168, HRm 182

8am: Usual blend with kale and chard with dorothy and mikee

Snacks at work: Apple, 1/3 banana, 1 carrot, apricot seeds

Main meal @ home
Vegetarian Split Pea Soup


Derek said...

i hope you got in! it will be the summer WITH life. i can give you some tips on keeping sane and enjoying the process. it isn't that much a time commitment running itself, but you need to be mindful of your body and get more rest than normal as the miles stack up! go go go Jo jo jo! :)

Jo said...

It would've been with life if Mikee was training with me. I think i'd be bored out of my mind on the long runs. Hopefully I'll find some running buddies.

Adam & Susan said...

congratulations, jo! how exciting.... long runs are fun! i remember stashing bottles of gatorade every mile along my route the night before a long run....looking forward to getting to the next drink (and short break!) kept me going forward! oh, i also had a dog running with me, so that helped too. ;) maybe you can get some of your buddies to run a couple miles with you at a time to break up the monotony! happy training!

Jo said...

that's a good idea susan (water stash and buddy running). I want to continue to work on strength training, any tips on how to incorporate KBs with the grueling running schedule?

mikee said...

double crap for me! now i need to start marathon training as jo's running sherpa. :)

Adam & Susan said...

jo, strength training will definitely help prevent joint pain and keep you running strong all 26.2 miles: swings for gluteal and hip strength (or snatches for upper and lower body strength), renegade rows or TGU for core, and bent over rows (renegade rows address this too) for shoulder strength to help with arm drive. Strength training will make your marathon experience easier and more comfortable, but nothing replaces the need for long runs to get your joints and connective tissue used to the pounding (and your mind used to the monotony)!

Adam & Susan said...

sorry jo, i realized i didn't answer your question exactly. email me your training schedule and we'll chat. :)