Tuesday, March 24, 2009

:: Day 80- 3/24/09 - Summary ::

Activities: 6pm KB @ home training
30 mins KB, 294 cal, HRa 154, HRm 167
{1 min double swings, 12 kg
1 min transitions, 12 kg
1 min double swings, 12 kg
1 min transitions, 12 kg
1 min rest}
5 min x 6 sets = 30 mins

8am: Morning blend

Random snack @ work
apple, apricots, almonds

Main meal @ home
Zucchini Ricotta Cheesecake
Garden Salad
Leftover split pea soup


Anna's Journey to get Fit! said...

Hi Jo!
Quick q for you...How did you determine that "140" was going to be your end goal? Was it a % of body fat? I'm trying to figure out in 6 months, what my goal weight should be...I'm thinking it should be based on my height? Examples, Thoughts?

Jo said...

Good question! It really _should_ be going by body fat percentage but I dont know how to accurately measure it, so i've gone with BMI instead.

I figured it would get me close enough to what ideal should be:

So i'm aiming for BMI of "normal" and I picked 22. Working backwards, my weight should be 140 lbs.

I'm currently at 157 and I know that it's not where I should be because I'm still not happy with how I look and lots of excess fat that I know I dont need! Hope that helps!!!

mikee said...

you already look GREAT jo!