Saturday, March 28, 2009

:: Looking back ::

I'm kinda stumped that after 4 weeks of bootcamp that i haven't lost any significant weight. But I do feel a lot stronger though, and I totally kicked butt during the physical tests. I decided to do all my measurements today and see what those other non-weight measures look like. Maybe I'm just gaining muscle with the extra weight stuff I'm doing?

I'm liking how the numbers are looking. :) I think my new goal maybe should be to get my body fat percentage down to ideal instead, which would be around 25% ish for me.


2.. said...

Wow congrats Jo!!! I'm really inspired by how you've kept at it!! I think I'm in slippage mode right now and hope to get back into things when I return to california!!

I'm glad you're deciding to focus on lowering your fat % - your new muscles will just work wonders to burn off the extra pounds :)

Jo said...

Enjoy your vacation and looking forward to you kicking butt when you get back!!!

You know i declared myself vegetarian not long ago but have decided to go back to meat. I've found sources of CLEAN meat!!!

Hao said...

Glad you're looking at total body comp, and not just weight. Weight alone is not really a good indicator of what may be going on with your body. I'd be curious to know what your body fat was at the beg of March versus now? Did the bootcamp workouts replace cardio workouts? Did they replace other resistance workouts? Overall, I think you're focused on the right things - lowering body fat and increasing overall fitness.

Jo said...

Hey Hao! I do believe that the BFP went down a few percent, I did sorta track that. :) So that's good news!

Bootcamp actually replaced my running workouts. I haven't done strength in awhile so i got most of my strength work done at bootcamp. Makes sense now huh?