Monday, March 30, 2009

:: Usual Morning Blend ::

I love love love my vitamix blender. If I had an empty kitchen, it would be the 3rd item on my list to purchase. Even though it's pricey, I use it every day and have recovered my cost many times over! (Compared to jamba juice prices)

The great thing about my usual morning blend is that every day it tastes different, depending on what I have available, and I love the surprise of the blend as it swirls in my mouth. I sneak lots of veggies in and it makes me feel good that each morning, I fill up with pure goodness.

- Liquid: 2 fingers of water and ice
- Body: carrots (love it as a base), celery
- Fiber: any green, leafy and stemmy veges. I love broccoli stalk and rainbow chard.
- Sweetness: Apple, blueberries, strawberries... any sweet fruit! Maximum of 2 types so the GI isn't too hgh.

- Texture and flavor: 1/3 banana
- Flavor: swirl of buttermilk lends some tartness
- Flavor: parsley, ginger, lemon zest etc etc
- Essential fats: some kind of nut butter, I like the occasional tbsp of almond butter

Mix it all together and blend until smooth. Undeniably, the fastest and easiest way to consume raw veges. :)

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