Thursday, April 2, 2009

:: Day 90- 4/3/09 - Summary ::

Activities: Realistically speaking, I don't think I have time for anything today...

8am: Usual morning blend

Fruit and yogurt parfait, 1/3 banana

Main meal @ home with our tasters of the week, The Distinguished Chasteens
Primi: Creamy swiss-chard cakes with mascarpone-creamed spinach

Secondi: Bœuf Bourguignon (Face-off between conventional and grass-fed)

The two types of meat need to be cooked at different temperatures. Last time we had a cook off, we gave grass-fed the advantage. This time, we gave conventional the lead. So we cooked at higher temperatures.
Tenderness: Conventional definitely came out ahead in this department. SO soft and pieces falling all over the place. It was however more chewy for the grass-fed.
Flavor: Mmmm... the sauce itself was more flavorful and 'complex' with the grass-fed and more bland with conventional.
I'm still a grass-fed lover though! Just have to cook it at the right temperatures next time!

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