Wednesday, April 1, 2009

:: Day 88- 4/1/09 - Summary ::

Activities: 5pm I didn't end up working out for 1000 calories because I forgot my heart rate monitor!
4.0 mile run, interval ipod playlist workout (switch to sprint when a song changes), 42 mins, (10.5 min/mile)

8am: Usual morning blend with kale, 1 tbsp raw almond butter

random snacks: orange, carrots, almonds, apricots

Innovation showcase at work: 2 mini cupcakes from Kara's, 1/2 cookie, guacamole, fruit

main meal @ home
Chopped Miso Salad
Dylan's green onion egg roll

1 comment:

mikee said...

very GREEN tasting smoothie today. i have to blend longer for increased liquefication.