Thursday, April 9, 2009

:: Day 96- 4/9/09 - Summary ::

Activities: 860 cal
630am morning run, 4.0 miles, 00:40:51, 459 cal, HRa 160 HRm 172 (10.2 min/mile!!!)
3x15 Benchpresses, 40 lbs
3x15 Skull crushers, 20 lbs
745pm 24 hour Everlast Shadow Boxing Class, 35 mins, 401 cal, HRa 161 HRm 181

8am: Random cut fruit, some egg, 1 banana

Random snacks for the day: Nuts, seeds, carrots, banana

Main meal @ Kyoto Restaurant, Salt Lake City
Wow, this place is one of the best I've had in the US. I highly highly recommend it if you were ever visit salt lake. Make sure you sit at the sushi bar and make friends with the three sushi chefs - they were quite hilarious!
I had miso soup, wakame salad (the best i've had, it had some yummy spicy octopus in it), salmon skin roll, toro nigiri, Shiro Maguro Nigiri and a japanese-style toro roll on the house!

And here are my new friends, the adorable sushi chefs!

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