Sunday, April 5, 2009

:: Day 92- 4/5/09 - Summary ::

Activities: If I can drag the husband out of bed, we really should hit mission peak to train for our trip. And I did drag him out, albeit a little too late since we were in the sorching sun the rest of the morning.
10am Mission Peak hike, 6.2 miles round trip, Elevation gain: 2100ft, 1305 cal
Ascent: 1:10:00, 848 cal, HRa 166 HRm 176
Descent: 1:01:09, 457 cal, HRa 124 HRm 138

8am: 1 apple

11am: 1 apple, live trail mix

12pm: 1 vitamin water (acai blueberry pomegranate)

Main meal @ home
BBQ beef heart kabobs, beef heart burger patties, beef heart ragu, salad, Rice, Eggs
(Thanks D, for being a loyal tester!)

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