Monday, August 18, 2008

:: The Biggest Loser ::

Today, I won the biggest loser challenge, after losing 13% of my initial start weight, averaging 3.0 lbs per week. I have so many reflections but it is going to have to wait... Work is crazy this week. But some quick thoughts...

1. Wow I did it - I actually did it. Weight loss is totally doable - it just takes determination.
2. Diet is key and Warrior Diet is awesome!
3. Kettlebells is the a no-nonsense no-excuse tool. Love it!
4. Community and accountability is crucial to success
5. Health isn't just about weight. Keep all other factors in check.
6. I'm figuring out how to listen to my body!
7. Love my body - feed it well. Eating out works against it!
8. Set goals and milestones.Some serious ones (half-marathon) and some fun ones (victory jeans)
9. Influence others - spread the love!
10. Cause and effect. Every action and decision will echo later in life. Choose wisely.

Maybe I'll do better if people just ask me questions? I'll start with some questions I've been asked...

Q: What are you going to do with the prize money?
A: Since my dad suffered a stroke, we've been supporting a portion of their financial and medical needs. The prize is going to go into that pot - and also cover some of the overhead for fitness like the heart rate monitor etc.

Q: What has been the toughest part the journey so far?
A: In terms of dieting, the 20-hour food and water fast before the end of the competition was really tough. In terms of fitness, the double workouts required alot of discipline. On some days, I came close to quitting. The KB Max VO2 protocol also took alot out of me.

Q: What have been the most victorious moment so far?
A: Asides from winning? So, so many! Every day felt like a victorious day as I overcame the odds. But some standout moments include having a stellar cholesterol report and overcoming the addiction to chocolate.

Q: What's next?
A: Get to 140lbs by Dec 31 with a 6-pack to boast - and submit my story on for a chance to be their monthly $10,000 winner! And also run my first half-marathon in October.


Take One Stripper Pole said...

Damn girl ... you look hot! And very good ... very valid points!

melissa said...

Congratulations hun! It's great to be able to rejoice with you as I've been kept updated via this blog. :) Great job to see your determination throughout this. You are inspiring!

Derek said...

i think this summarizes it best for past, present and future: GO JO GO! GO JO GO! :)