Sunday, August 17, 2008

:: Walking through the valley of temptations ::

While walking from terminal C to B today, I was faced with many many temptations... there was Yoyona (delicious looking yogurt place), there was healtheatz and of course the wonderful smell of pizza! It was so tough to avoid them. I went to the newsstand and bought myself "Self" and "Fitness" magazine to keep myself focused. Just when I thought everything was under control, there was an announcement that my gate has changed back to terminal C. ARGH!!! I had to walk through the valley of temptations again. I called Mikee and made him give me a 20 min pep-talk as I made the trek back. I'm happy to announce that it was a success. His pep talk was rather powerful - you should've heard him. I'm back home now - all systems under control and ready to go to bed. Tmrw, I will swing my heart out for the "last workout" before I head to work for the weigh-in. Here goes nothing!

Here's a pic of me (2nd from L) and my besties at the wedding this weekend. Somehow, we all showed up color coordinated! I will also be posting Week 1 vs Week 9 mug shots tmrw.

1 comment:

mikee said...

good work bobo at avoiding the bad stuff!

yes i've been refining my motivational speaking skills over the years. if anyone's interested, my services are for hire. :)