Tuesday, August 19, 2008

:: Day 65 - Summary ::

Sorry, no day 64. I deserve a break and now i'm back! Work will be really crazy but as long as I can get 5 workouts in this week I'll be very pleased. When next week comes around, things will spring back to normal I hope.

6pm KB Max VO2

8am: ABCC juice to share with Aylin
You would think I would crave the bacon mcmuffin today but when i woke up my body was craving the ABC juice. I kid you not - it actually wants goodness now and I got no goodness yesterday.

Lunch: Unfortunately, the biggest losers contestants are eating out for lunch today. I'll try to save most of my lunch for dinner instead. Good thing that Mario dishes out free salad!
Side: Tossed garden salad with honey mustard
Main: 1/4 of garlic penne
Dessert: 1 small bite of chocolate cake

Main meal @ work, eating leftovers
3/4 of garlic penne, remainder of chocolate cake.

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aylin said...

I crave your salads! =)