Sunday, August 17, 2008

:: Day 63 - Summary ::

THE LAST DAY - Wow I cant believe its almost the end of the 9 weeks. Will i win or will I lose? I honestly dont know - a win will be nice, especially after witnessing Phelps and his 8 gold medals. Who doesnt want to win right? I think i've done very well - have pretty much no regrets with my approach the last 9 weeks and just so thankful of where I am today. I will make a winner/loser speech tmrw about my overall reflections. Fingers crossed!

8am: treadmill interval training, 31 mins, 1 min speed 6.0, 1 min speed 4.0, 301 cal

10am: ABC Juice, prepared by Ryan, the able assistant who "made the difference"

12pm: Strawberry and Bananas on Yogurt (@Cora's) with Kat

Airplane snacks:
1 fuji apple, almonds, carrot sticks

Main meal on Delta Airlines @ 7pm aka "The Last Supper"

Shrimp ceasar salad, sans dressing
water fast
2 pieces of tofu sodium-free when I got home


Iris said...

Fingers are crossed. But that's just the gravy. You've already made a HUGE accomplishment, and you should be very very proud of yourself.


drea said...

i am finally delurking! ^_^ i have been following your whole journey! just wanted to let you know that you have been very inspiring and helped me to stay on track to lose a few lbs for the wedding!
jiao-yo tomorrow! :)

Jo said...

Thanks guys!!!

And Drea - Good for you! Are you documenting your journey somewhere too? And btw - how did you find me? I'm always curious!

mikee said...

organico veggies - pretty good for plane food!