Wednesday, August 20, 2008

:: Day 66 - Summary ::

Nutrition reflections:
So I had a real lunch for the first time yesterday. Mostly a iceberg salad and a few ozs of garlic pasta, garlic bread, pizza bread etc . The pasta tasted great! But you know what... I felt sick for the rest of the day. Even more sick after I finished up the rest of the pasta at the office for dinner. I went home feeling totally lethargic and crappy. And this morning, I totally felt like puking. I think i've come to realize... i just can't eat the way I used to anymore, even if I want to. My body is totally rejecting it. It reminds me of Susan's story of how Adam felt totally sick after he had burger and fries for lunch. We were supposed to go to La Fondue This Friday to celebrate the biggest loser win but I've finally resigned to the fact that I can't eat the way I used to anymore. :( So i requested that we cancel and go somewhere more manageable. Like sumika grill in los altos!!!

Despite the setbacks of yesterday, working 15 hour-days this week, i REFUSE to be defeated.

7am 30 min KB max vo2 protocol 36/36
I am loving my "recycled" DragoonDoor 8kg bell that I got off Joe. The handle is way smooth and flips around nicely! I think it's also time to re-test my snatch cadence. Groan...

ABCC+Ginger juice to share with Aylin

12pm: shrimp and orange salad @ HArvest for team lunch

Main meal @ Athena's with Michiko
I KNOW I KNOW! Believe me, I _want_ to eat at home, I hate the feeling of being sick. But I've been way too anti social the past 9 weeks and its time to catch up with my friends u know? Good thing Athena serves up awesome salad!
Fasoulada (Ancient Greek Soup) - DELISH!

Greek Salad

Spanakópita (Greek pastry stuffed with spinach, swiss chard, eggs )

What i did NOT eat:
(Got so full after the salad!)


Hao said...

Isn't that cool how the body works?

I told everyone at bootcamp today about your accomplishments (to date) - everyone is so proud of you! I think you've really inspired them.

Keep it up, sister.

Jo said...

Aww - I'm so proud of them too! Waking up at 530am for bootcamp is no easy feat! Please feel free to share my blog liberally - I'm sure we all have the same struggles!