Thursday, August 21, 2008

:: Day 67 - Summary ::

None yet!!! These 15 hour days are willing me - and then there are the olympics that transform me into a couch potato. Ok enough excuses, going for a run tonight - I PROMISE.
(update) OK I broke the promise. Worked another 16 hour day and got home at 1045pm. There was no way I could've done the run... But the good news is this will all be over by tmrw and I will run out of excuses.

ABCC Juice to share with Aylin, this time I added spinach and a few grapes and some flaxseed meal. Not bad - but definitely should reduce to 1/2 beet. Delish!

random times: raw cashews.
This is the first time i've actually not prepared anything for "lunch time". Heh... not bad. I'm starting to get hungry!!!

Main meal @ work

I'm stuck at work but dear Mikee is going to bringing me some homecooked food! I love the way he cooks veges and eggs! Can't wait!!!

Mikee delivering dinner to Aylin and I @ work

The wonderful veggie delight spread homecooked by Mikee. Also featuring herby oats, scrambled eggs and healthy shirataki chow mein


ihtc said...

spinach works great in smoothies--i just bought two 1-lb bags of organic spinach from costco--only for smoothies!

Jo said...

yeah couldnt taste it all!!! But i really liked cooked spinach tho

Take One Stripper Pole said...

How was the run?

Jo said...

TOSP: see updated blog. sigh.

carla said...

fifteen hour days? that sounds like your own PERSONAL Olympic event.


ihtc said...

so sweet of mikee to bring you dinner! =)

Jo said...

except there is no medal involved!!! this will soon be over :)