Saturday, August 23, 2008

:: Day 69 - Summary ::

So today my husband tells me that one significant change he's noticed in me is - I don't snore at night anymore! I've pretty much snored all my life actually (fat or thin) but what a relief that I am no longer causing him lack of sleep!!! I wonder if it's the weight loss or something else but it's nice to know I've inadvertently improved his quality of life. :)

I seriously thought I would gain weight this week... I slept very little, barely exercised this week, ate out _alot_, even had lunch twice this week - and still lost weight. Nicely done, warrior diet. :) But you know what, I really miss my clean warrior diet days. I'm getting back on the program. Cannot wait to go to the farmer's market today!!!

Activities: 752 cal burnt
7am run with Mikee, 5.0 miles with sprint at the end, 65 mins, 725 cal burnt, HRa 156 HRm 186. We came, we conquered.

10am: Freshly squeezed blood orange juice from farmer's market, random smaple fruit

1pm: Eric came over for lunch. We had some spinach wraps, chicken breast and tofu casserole. Yes, I did eat. I'm a host - I should be!

7pm: Main meal @ Kebab & Curry. Oh so delicious. But i started off with my own personal salad!

Oh and yes I had frozos! Way better than pinkberry in our opinion!

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