Sunday, October 19, 2008

:: Day 126 - Summary ::

I felt... off yesterday. I couldn't figure out why. I just didnt feel like my usual self, energy was low ... everything was kinda low. And my poor husband couldn't figure out how to appease me. When I got into bed, I was very restless and kept tossing and turning. I think I finally managed to fall asleep during a nice deep foot rub. (Thanks bo!!!) This is not PMS, it's something different. I feel a little bit better today and I wonder if the mood thing is diet related since I havent been getting much of my morning juices in due to time. We'll see.

Activities: I decided I havent been exercising much either and the bell needs some attention and _respect_.

I decided to look up tracy's discovering strength blog and do the latest workout she's posted. Gulp, I know ... what have I gotten myself into? I am not gonna be a wuss about this.
49 mins, Tracy's swing progression & roundabout combo, 553 cal, HRa 159, HRm 177, 1600 reps!
12kg {
40 2 hand swing, 1 min,
5 roundabouts (40 reps), 1 min,
40 transfers, 1 min,
5 roundabouts (40 reps), 1 min}
8 kg{
40 reps, 1 swing/trans., 1 min,
5 roundabouts (40 reps), 1 min,
40 reps, 5/5 1 hand swings x 4, 1 min,
5 roundabouts (40 reps), 1 min}
8 min work, 2 min rest x 5 sets = 50 min

ABC Juice + broccoli made by mikee. Ooohhhhh yeah!!!!

Homemade vege soup

Main meal
@ The Higgins for my niece's violin recital

home-made siquik-pak and fig spread

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