Thursday, October 23, 2008

:: Day 130 - Summary ::

I'm feeling much much better today. Didn't venture into the 100-day cough at all so I'm happy to say that I have been "healed" of my condition that many of you are familiar with. What did I do? Just eat lots of goodness and avoid the badness. I'm sure losing weight had a role to play too. But wow, it feels great to no longer be slave to the condition. I have taken charge of my life.

8am: Oatmeal cooked in soy milk with carrots, apples, walnuts and pumpkin seeds. Topped with ground glaxseed and dallop of wildflower honey. Good to have the occasional change from the ABC juice y' know.

12pm: Small bowl of leek and broccoli soup + handful (actually couple handfuls) of pistachios

Main meal shared with Effie and Mikee

Fresh pipita salad, chopped chicken tenders coated in cumin and cayenne, sunnyside up on quinoa pancake

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