Saturday, October 25, 2008

:: Reflections on health ::

Ever since I've started on the journey to health, I've naturally begun evangelizing the gospel of taking care of your bodies. Not just to lose weight - but to live a long and healthy life. And I do this because I +care+ about the people around me and I want them to live long and healthy lives too. But when I emphasize the importance of eating 'right' here are some of the typical responses I get...

"I'm glad it's worked for you!"
"I'm not overweight, I'm fine."
"I don't need to eat your diet - I can eat normally"(Mikee said this!)
"It's too expensive... I don't have the time."
"I don't need multi vitamins"
"I dont eat alot so I dont need to eat healthy"
"Eeewwww... you eat green and gross mush!!!"

It's annoying because skinny doesn't automatically mean healthy. Check the cholesterol levels of the typical singaporean - 47.9% above the normal limit and the country with the highest rates of coronary heart disease in the asia pacific. But what's the typical size of a singaporean? Skinny - around 50kg (105lbs) for women. That is crazy!! Its not a big surprise that I've always felt like I couldn't fit in there.

Don't wait until something 'bad' happens to you or someone close to you before you decide to make positive changes for your body - in some cases, it can be too late. In my case, my dad paid the price with a stroke, with root causes in obesity. After witnessing what he went through - I realize that I have inadvertently put myself at risk. (Weight loss is a nice side effect but more than anything, I am so happy and confident that my body is going to last much much longer)

And what's the way to treat your body right? Eat lots of live fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, beans - eaten raw or cooked simply but avoid sugar(there are natural sweeteners out there) + all processed foods (toxins). Meat is ok, in moderation. And yes, get some fresh air and exercise too!

Please read this too, Tracy has been an incredible role model for me: Tracy Reifkind's post on Relatability.

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mikee said...

i like eating healthy, exercising healthy and most importantly LIVING healthy. thanks wife!