Wednesday, October 22, 2008

:: Day 129 - Summary ::

Woke up at 3am pretty smashed. Sore throat was killing me but at least all the other systems are GO. I am pretty confident I'll fight this one without getting my 100-day cough. Doubling up on vitamins and fruits and veges. But at least I got some fresh chicken stock made and boy, it looks good!!! Went back to sleep and got up at 7am. Felt much much better but still sore throat.

8am: Salty oats with egg and green onion, ABC Juice + swiss chard

Main meal @ home - also mikee's farewell meal since he's going to tokyo soon
Heidi Swanson's Pepita Salad (WOW, what a hit!!! We loved it!!!), Ravioli ripieni di ricotta e spinaci (made with spelt flour instead of white). It was great fun whipping out the pasta maker again while the hubby and I went to work on creating the ravioli! One of my most treasured moments. Making ravioli with Mikee!

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