Sunday, February 15, 2009

:: Day 43 - 2/15/09 Summary ::

Activities: None, still full of excuses. This time it's rained out and I'm PMSing... Snuggled in bed now watching movies on hulu.

Usual blend...

Cup of butternut squash apple soup at whole foods

2pm: Bunch of itsy bitsy chocolate chip cookies

Main meal @ hana ramen...
We made a quick trip out to mitsuwa last night to satisfy my long-standing sashimi craving. We made the huge mistake of deciding to eat out at the restaurant next to mitsuwa. While mikee's dumplings were decent my zajiang noodles mm... SUCKED. I've never tasted anything so bland. I'm so glad that when we got home, we had a slab of sashimi all to ourselves. Long live sashimi.


welshcorgi said...

i always wondered about that place on my way to kahoo ramen. Now, I def won't go there!

Jo said...

Yeah, please stay away. But like I said, dumplings are decent. Would you recommend kahoo though?