Friday, February 20, 2009

:: Day 48 - 2/20/09 ::

Activities: Headache seem to be gone. :) Today I'm going to run for 30 mins and do more weight training again. Today I'll focus on abs and legs.

Breakfast blend:
Blueberries, banana, kale, carrot, orange... Yes i'm saving the rest of the apples for tea time!

Random snacks: 1 egg, bunch-o-almonds. (Working from home is actually not a good thing for me, I tend to want to cook more instead of eating raw produce.)

Tea-time with friends:
Heidi Swanson's unfussy apple cake is making a comeback!
Had a slice of this cake and this time used 25% oats instead. Turned out wonderful and it was a hit even with the kids!

Main meal @ home
Didn't really feel like cooking so I took Mikee to my new favorite vegetarian restaurant, Merit, and i'm so boring, we ordered the same things again!
Lotus Salad, Vietnamese crepe wrapped in lettuce, Mama's Claypot

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