Wednesday, February 18, 2009

:: to meat or not to meat ::

People have been surprised to hear that I've turned flexitarian (eat mostly veggies). I just want to clear the air that I have nothing against animals. I think they are cute, yummy and were created by God for a purpose (our consumption). Unfortunately, the meat that is readily available to consume have been pumped with hormones and the not-so-cute stuff. Good quality, organic, grass-fed meat IS available, just with a much heftier price tag that we can't afford on a regular basis. As a result, I've turned to eating more veggies and legumes instead. Ohmigosh, beans are soooo cheap and yummy!!! My friend, Iris, was telling me that was how they ate in Israel when they were growing up. It's nothing new, my friends!

I'm looking forward to my next piece of grass-fed beef. I think it's time for a steak next week. A really good article that sums up my thoughts exactly.

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