Saturday, February 21, 2009

:: Day 49 - 2/21/09 ::

Activities: 9am gym with Mikee, 519 cal total
30 mins interval run (90s sprint, 90 s jog), 354 cal, HRa 164 HRm 180
weight training{
3x15 bendover rows R/L, 10 lbs
3x12 bicep curls, 20 lbs
3x12 hanging leg raises
3x10 chest presses, 45 lbs}
13 mins, 151 cal, HRa 150, HRm 164

p.s. Cleaning the master bathroom took me 20 mins and it burnt 131 calories.

Morning munchees: 1 apple at farmers market, pinches of mikee's bread, random sampling at whole foods

4pm: We decided at the last minute to bake a banana chocolate chip cake. I used the basic buttermilk base from Heidi Swanson and swapped out the apples for bananas. It was delicious! In the spirit of not over-eating, we gave them away to family!

Main meal @ Kabul with Family

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