Wednesday, June 18, 2008

:: cheaters never prosper ::

One of the rules of our bootcamp is "Don't cheat, you're only cheating yourself".

That rule has been resonating with me for the past 72 hours. I've been a cheater for a long time... I have made up reasons why I should be eating chocolate, i've eaten candy in hiding because for some reason it wouldnt hit my hips that way, I'd do 11 reps instead of 12 because it is close enough... etc etc. This is no rocket-surgery, but I've only been cheating myself!!! As I toil through the workouts, I now push myself to give my very best for every lift, every crunch, every run - and it may not be the best i can be, but i'm not giving anything less than what i have to give. Same with dieting, I'd eat what i have to, I'll eat when i'm hungry but i'm not going to cheat myself on what i eat.

Funny enough the same rule can be applied to my faith. Just because I sin in secret, doesnt mean nobody sees me. :)

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