Thursday, June 19, 2008

:: Day 4 - Summary ::

Workout: 20 mins kb
I did 1 minute sets of double swings (18lb), single swings (18lb) and double swings (26lb) with 1 minute rest in between. Not bad! I can pull of the 26lb! I finally got what Joe was saying that its easier to swing a heavier weight because you are not "lifting" it - the heavier it is, the faster it accelerates because of increased mass and the more your body has to keep up with the natural flow. I like the concept!

Best part about kb - It's low in term of overhead. I realized I didnt really have a good chunk of time to exercise today so i took a 20 min break during lunch to swing. It was perfect. :) Now, off to the dentist.

1 cup oatmeal with blueberries 280 cal
2 egg whites with 1 egg yolk

1 banana 110 cal

Boiled vegetables, fish cakes on organic soba 350

Afternoon snack:
1 kashi granola bar 120 cal

There is MSG BBQ at our home today, I really need to figure out how to keep it under 550 calories. I created a bit of a deficit because I knew there was going to be a big dinner tonight. [update] Think I had about 650 cals. I was very good with not to get seconds and very small bite portions and for anything "bad", i made sure i shared it with mikee :P. At the end it was those fantastic bread sticks that pushed me over the edge! argh.

Total calorie intake: 840 + (650) = 1490
Recommended calories for extreme weight loss: 1440

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