Monday, September 29, 2008

:: the nutrition bitch ::

If i'm not careful, that's what people could end up calling me behind my back. Just a few days ago, we met up with some friends to grab dinner. While waffling about where to go, someone suggested chilli's. Like rotten food in my mouth, I immediately spat out - "I'm not going if that's where you guys are going".

I've typically been really easy going with stuff like that so it must have shocked my friend quite a bit. Oh poor sean. I pulled my husband aside and we had a discussion about it. I can't be a bitch and impose my desires on others - i returned to the room and went with the masses. We ended up going to Chilli's but thank God they were packed so we ended up at cafe amilia which although isnt my ideal choice, was still slightly better.

I think there's nothing wrong with stating my dietary preferences but i should never threaten to leave otherwise. What a bitch I was. Thank God for my hubby that keeps me in check.

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