Wednesday, October 1, 2008

:: Day 108 - Summary ::

Activities: We're tapering our runs this week in preparation for Sunday's half marathon.
3.0 miles, 36 mins, 380 cal, HRa 152 HRm 169
Confession: During the last 48 hours, I have consumed 3 reese's pieces, 1 mini twix bar, 1 "magic bar" from whole foods. i am PMSing.

8am: ABC Juice + 1/3 banana + 1/2 nectarine, shared with Mikee

12pm: bowl of homemade chili swiss chard soup, buncho carrot sticks

Main meal @ home
Salad with avocado, green beans and tomatoes, Brown rice, aloo gobi, leftover green beans and chicken


mikee said...

hang in bopo. we're almost to race day yay!

sctemplar3 said...

what's chilli swiss chard soup??

Jo said...

sauteed onions with serrano chilli. cooked with swiss chard, kale and cauliflower in homemade chicken broth. All blended together!