Friday, October 3, 2008

:: Day 110 - Summary ::

Each morning i hop out of bed (by gentle nudging from the husband) ready to face the day! Most days we do some kind of run because of the 1/2 marathon. i really enjoy those morning runs even though we barely say a word to each other during that time - but it is time just "being" together. My favorite activity of the week is actually our shopping for produce on saturday morning at the farmer's market. It's so therapeutic as we work our way through the crowds and fill up our canvas bags with goodies. So thankful for such regular, mundane but meaningful events. 2 days to the 1/2!

ABC Juice + flaxseed + 1/2 cup soy milk (All blended together, shared by mikee)

Lunch with Karena @ Dish Dash
Argh... i had this filo chicken pastry thing. While I didnt regret it while i was eating it I am totally regretting it now. I can barely keep my eyes open and i feel sssooooo sluggish. Not good... Not good....

Main meal @ tomatina's

It's date night! We're watching eagle eye! I love movies! We may end up eating out because in Mikee's own words "I need more protein". Poor guy!
--> 1 beet salad, 1 light lasagne, 1 olive oil spaghetti, shared with mikee


Hao said...

Good luck n your run this weekend. Have fun! :-)

Jo said...

thanks hao! is bootcamp still on btw?