Saturday, October 4, 2008

:: Day 111 - Summary ::

Activities:7am - 25 mins, Ladder double swings with 12kg. 50swings/10 burpees -6 sets-> 100 swings/0 burpees
I kinda forgot what it's like to REALLY sweat. Damn, this feels good and tough.

Freshly squeezed blood orange juice at the Farmer's Market
10am: Random sampling of granola, yogurt, drinks etc. at the health & expo fair

11am: Carbo-loading meal (chinese-style) @ Saigon Hong Kong
Various dimsum items including the highly-coveted "Snowcap buns".

Due to our diligence, we were able to score 4 servings of this through the battling for the buns. What's in it? ... it's crack, as my friend mr. hamachi would say.

Main meal @ home

vege soup, leftover veges + some brown rice, salad with tomatoes

Also, made more chicken stock!

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