Friday, January 9, 2009

:: Day 5 - 01/09/09 - Summary ::

5pm Run 45 mins
6pm Strength training for chest and arms

The husband is out skiing today. I'm going to eat raw today. 120% warrior diet. My body needs to rest and get goodies, after yesterday's beating at A&J.

Blend of apple, carrots, slice of beet, 1/3 banana, blueberries, kale and spinach
I'm down to my last 6 persimmons of the season! BAWWWLL!!!

Random snacks through the day
Nuts, Oats, Seeds, Carrots, Apple, Banana, Spinach,Blueberries

Main meal @ home
persimmons, apple, nuts and seeds, cheese and some left over millet with an egg

Oh I also had a couple of handfuls of iris popcorn at the theater. :P


Iris said...

Love the honesty down to the popcorn.

Jo said...

gotta keep it real!